You’ve Decided to Start a Business:

Next Step: Form Your Business Entity

A business entity is your businesses structure, its what keeps your business separate from you. Ventures Law Firm can help you make the right choice, and then take the next step.

The Options…


LLC Formation

Forming an LLC is the right choice for almost all new businesses. It provides liability protection, while maintaining more flexibility than a corporation.

Forming an LLC is a Three Step Process:

  1. Filing Articles of Organization with the State of Michigan

  2. Filing for an EIN with the IRS

  3. Preparing an operating agreement

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Corporate Formation

For some Michigan businesses, a corporation may be the best option. This may be the case if your business is bringing in outside investors.

Forming a Corporation is similar three step process to forming an LLC:

  1. File Article of Incorporation with the State of Michigan

  2. File for an EIN with the IRS

  3. Prepare Corporate Bylaws

Non-Profit Incorporation

A Non-profit is a corporation that is tax exempt. This is vital to protecting the mission that you serve.

We can help your charity, organization, or foundation become a tax-exempt non profit. To do this we: 

  1. Form a Corporation (See Above)

  2. File form 1023 to become tax exempt.