Naming a Guardian for your Minor Children


If you have minor children, the most important thing you can plan for is who will take care of those children if you were to die.

How to Appoint A Guardian

A will is the easiest and most effective way to appoint a guardian for your minor children.

What Happens If You do Nothing?

If you don’t appoint a guardian, and something happens to you, you leave it up to the court to decide who should be responsible for your children. Thats not something you want a judge to decide.

 Leaving it up to the court can have other consequences as well. A lack of planning can lead to disputes. Disputes among family are ugly and can lead to expensive legal fees and court costs.

What should You consider when appointing a guardian?

This one is totally up to you, but some thoughts you may want to consider:

  • Family may be a good choice, but it can be anyone you know and trust.

  • Do your potential guardians live a lifestyle that matches how you want your children raised? And are they prepared for the responsibility?

  • What is the financial situation of your potential guardians? Financial Stability may allow them to better care for your children.

As your child’s parent, no one will be able to completely fill your shoes, but making a plan can help.

As Always, this is general information. I am a lawyer, but I’m not your lawyer. At least not yet. Schedule a consultation if you want to take that step, and its free. If you schedule hereA blog post should not be construed as specific legal advice and this blog does not in any way create an attorney client relationship.